A hydraulic system is a drive technology where hydraulic oil is used to transfer energy and power.

The uses of hydraulic oils or otherwise known as hydraulic fluids are particularly for most machinery and equipment across various industries.

It is used by many major industries such as agriculture, construction, mining, aviation, chemicals, food and beverage, and more.

What is Hydraulic Oil?

Hydraulic oil is a type of fluid, lubricant, and sealant that acts as a catalyst to transfer energy and power.

Almost all machinery and equipment that operate with hydraulics require hydraulic oil to maintain operations for the highest performance.

Industries that use hydraulic systems and need quality hydraulic oils include the fabrication, plastic injection molding, and aluminum extrusion/intrusion industry.

Benefits of Using Hydraulics and Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic systems are significantly more environmentally friendly compared to other alternatives.

It also helps cool the hydraulic equipment and clear impurities away for a generally smoother application.

Moreover, hydraulic oils have a high load-carrying capacity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance which overall is very protective for hydraulic systems.

We will get into the 7 top uses of hydraulic oils so you can fully reap its benefits. 

Mineral Hydraulic Oil

Mineral hydraulic oil originates from petroleum from crude oil fractions. It is a low-cost option but its lubricant quality depends greatly on base oil purity and additives.

With the right quality of base oil and additive, mineral hydraulic oils can offer high performance like the Mobil DTE 26 Hydraulic Oil

The additives in mineral-based hydraulic oils protect the hydraulic systems against wear, corrosion, and water contamination. It can also enhance oil demulsification and improve viscosity to withstand temperature changes.

Synthetic Hydraulic Oil

Originally, synthetic-based hydraulic oils were made to compensate for the lacking properties of mineral hydraulic oils.

Artificially and chemically-produces, their base oils have superior performance compared to mineral hydraulic oils.

Furthermore, they work brilliantly under high temperatures with superior oxidation stability and biodegradability. The only downside is that they are much pricier and are very toxic.

Fire-resistant Fluid-based Hydraulic Oil

This type of hydraulic oil is formulated with both mineral and synthetic base oils with high biodegrading rates.

They are intended for particular applications where fire is involved namely aviation, steel mills, die-casting, and mining. Compared to synthetic hydraulic oils, they are a much cheaper option with extra fire-resistant properties.

However, it is not as anti-wear as its counterpart but can withstand corrosion and reduce friction and foaming.

Rapidly Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

Due to the rising awareness of a green environment, this type of hydraulic oil was developed to provide ecological compatibility.

Rapidly biodegradable hydraulic oils are used for both stationary and mobile applications in forestry, industrial, mining, and earthmoving machinery.

Food-grade Hydraulic Oil

Food-grade hydraulic oils are very particular since they are used in the food industry. The base oil for food-grade hydraulic oil is special white oils, special polyalphaolefin grades, and special polyglycols.

One subgroup must have no direct contact with the food whereas the other subgroup has possible contact.

STOU and UTTO Universal Mobile Hydraulic Oils

STOU (Super Tractor Universal Oil) and UTTO (Universal Tractor Transmission Oil) are hydraulic gear oils.

They are applied to gearboxes and hydraulic systems commonly for agricultural machinery.

Aircraft Hydraulic Oils

As the name implies, these oils are used in hydraulic systems in the aviation industry. They are very strong against high pressures and extreme climatic conditions with intense temperature changes.

Aircraft hydraulic oils must have extreme thermal stability, high viscosity index, good fire resistance, and should be free from impurities.

The Best Hydraulic Oil for Smooth Operations

On the subject of lubrication, hydraulic oils are by far the most crucial lubricants after engine oils.

When applied generously, hydraulic oils can significantly save energy, reduce wear, reduce maintenance and increase machine durability.

However, you need to be cautious of fake hydraulic oil sold at alarmingly cheap prices. So purchase the best hydraulic oil from an authorized hydraulic oil supplier in Malaysia – Us!

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