Many types of machines and equipment use hydraulic oil. It is typically utilized in hydraulic systems to transfer power.

Aside from that, hydraulic lubricants are needed for energy transmission throughout the system, allowing work and motion. Contamination control, heat transmission, and lubrication are all functions of hydraulic fluids.

We’ll go through the different types of machinery that utilize hydraulic fluids.

Types of Machinery that Use Hydraulic Oil


Hydraulic oil is used in an aircraft to ensure optimal system operation and reduce damage to the system’s nonmetallic components.

Although there are a variety of hydraulic lubricants on the market, some of them may not be suitable for aviation. As a result, your technician must use the proper aviation oil category.


In the marine industry, hydraulic lubricant is important to have on hand abundantly. Marine vessels such as cruise liners typically apply hydraulic oil as stabilizers.

Stabilizers are designed to limit the amount of roll that can impair the vessel’s equilibrium. It also aids the vessel in preventing passengers from becoming seasick.

Earthmoving Machinery

This type of heavy machinery is mostly engine-powered with lift arms that connect to a variety of attachments.

Hence, hydraulic fluid is desperately needed. With the correct auxiliary hydraulic system, you’ll get a tremendous return on your investment for your business.

Logistics Machinery

When it comes to logistics equipment, hydraulic lubricants are crucial since it helps power the material handling equipment to carry heavy loads.

Hydraulic fluid helps lift and steer many types of material handling equipment. Without the right hydraulic oil, your machinery might break down sooner than you think.

Automotive Uses

Mechanics use automotive lifts also known as car lifts countless times a day. They are hydraulic machines that raise automobiles above the floor for access to the undercarriage.

It is important to note that due to the high-pressure application, a car lift uses hydraulic fluid that has a higher viscosity grade.

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The Best Hydraulic Oil for Any Type of Machinery

Hydraulic lubricant is used in many systems and machinery to help them work more efficiently. It generates power but can also be used as a sealer, coolant, and lubricant.

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